Saturday, October 2, 2010

SIgns of what's to come

I came into my bedroom and on the way to bathroom I stopped to look out the window for a minute. The window is almost always open a little. I like fresh air while I am sleeping. Tonight the little bit of air coming in through the very small opening is cold. I mean it feels really cold. It is only October 3rd and I am thinking I may need to get out my flannel nighties.

As I looked out the street is bare and gray, and the yellow street light casts a limited amount of light across the autumn lawn. An autumn lawn is a little dull and damp looking if there has been rain, and yes, we have had a good bit of rain recently. My thoughts went to what I would be looking out on in a few short weeks. And I wondered as I stood there, do I really want to spend the rest of my winters here in the cold. No, I really don't. But I am no wealthy enough to own two homes, and my income will not stand for renting winter quarters and closing my condo.
So, I am thinking I should sell this place and buy a mobile home. You know, one of those forty foot behemoths that I so hate to be behind when I am traveling. I think about it to the extent I am wondering if my organ would fit in it. Would I be able to take a car along as I traveled. Where would I find a really good park to reside in both in Maine and in a warmer climate. I would have to find a reliable, honest and capable man to drive me as the seasons changed. Does that mean I would have to have him stay in the mobile home with me as we made the journey, or would he be willing to stay in a motel. I would have to pay his expenses and a per diem. I would have to allow stops for my dog. In my head I am working out all the details. Separation from friends. Family. Getting mail. I am sure people do this but it seems like more trouble than I am ready to confront.

I guess I will start getting out my cold weather clothes and stay right here. At least this year. And probably next - and next. When the world is white with new snow, and the street light makes sparkles on the surface, and the furnace warms up my cozy condo; when my family comes for Christmas; when my friends come for music - I will wonder why I every considered leaving it all for a constant summer.

Sometimes it's fun to dream of "maybe" but reality can be very pleasant too. I think my reality is pretty nice.


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