Wednesday, March 30, 2011


It's been awhile since I posted. I have had a left knee replacement which has occupied me mentally as well as physically. A couple weeks away from home and a little time to recoup finds me now thinking of where to take this blog. Since I get no wide responses I am thinking of shutting it down. Maine is an interesting state but there are many blogs being done on the state's politics (which are quite fascinating at this time and too convoluted for me to write about) and the culture which is so diverse it boggles the mind. One thing that comes to mind today is that in my yard here in Scarborough you might be interested to know there are still many sizable lumps of snow where the plow crew had to pile it in a snow removal process. It is dirty and rotting, but hanging on tenaciously. And lo, we are predicted to have a Nor'easter this weekend (April Fool's Day to be exact) which could dump a foot on us. Of course, that is Maine's quirky weather pattern and not all that unusual. We have been known to have snow in May (on my daughter's First Communion Sunday some years ago) and even according to records, in July some many years ago. The nice thing is, it is spring, the sun is getting higher and warming the earth more and the snow will melt and fill the streams and wells and pot holes. Yes, pot holes, another annual Maine event. The crews will be out shoveling a little cold patch into them and the next rain will wash it out. Then a crew will return to put a little hot top into it, and perhaps it will last until next winter when the ritual will begin again. Keeping ahead of the pot holes is next to impossible. You may lose a tire (and rim) if you hit a big one, but most of them are just bone shakers which will make you say things you would have had your mouth washed out for if your Mom was around.

So, this is Maine just before April Fool's Day, 2011. Don't get out your shorts and sandals just yet. Rather keep you shovel and sand handy. No joke, we are going to get snow - again.

janicemajor, scarborough, maine