Thursday, April 21, 2011

Good Bye

Checking the STATS for this blog indicates it gets no real interest. that's o.k. I don't read many other blogs myself. But this is my last post.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Apirl in Scarborugh

Last week's storm was a "significant" one, and thankfully it melted almost as quickly as it accumulated. I heard it was going to be a "nor'easter" and then I heard the wind was coming from the northwest. I didn't much care where it came from as I watched the top-heavy pines out back sway in winds that reportedly gusted up to 30 miles per hour.

NOw this past week has been more like Spring. It is cold at night and warms up in the daytime. And the grass is greening. The crocuses are up and the other bulbs are sending forth shoots. IF Mother Nature behaves we should be enjoying this kind of weather for awhile.

Maine celebrated Maple Sugar Sunday a couple of weeks ago. The farms which specialize in maple syrup and related products got the steam up for the "boil down" process, made up batches of maple goodies, served ice cream with maple syrup over it and opened their doors to the public. It's an annual event that becomes a family tradition as kids love the sweet treats and everyone enjoys the "sap to syrup" process. All maple trees, I am told, run sap which can be made into syrup, but only the "sugar maple" yields enough sap to product the quality and quantity worth commercial processing. It takes a lot of sap to get a gallon of syrup. I'm not good at figures so I won't quote the number.

Portland Harbor is beginning to become dotted with little and large sail boats. The Marinas are holding open houses and the boat shows are being held in various public places. I am not a boater but several of my grandchildren are so I like knowing what is being touted as "safe boating" improvements. GPS, signaling, lifesaver suits, inflatables are all good things, but I prefer not to know when my kids are on the ocean.

In the back yard the turkeys are strutting, picking here and there for whatever it is they find. I threw out some flax seed (I don't have a grinder and got seeds by mistake) and was hoping maybe they would pick it up. IF they don't I may have a yard full of flax this summer. I know they eat ticks and other bugs. I saw them eating something off the top of the snow after the last storm. My neighbor says it was something which blew from the pines. Another neighbor took a picture recently of two raccoons by his back door. He said there was another but he couldn't get it in the picture. We have seen two foxes crossing by the woods, and there was a pheasant recently. He doesn't stand much of a chance with the foxes on the hunt. Maine's wildlife is stirring so Spring must be here.