Monday, June 18, 2012

Almost Summer

It is now June 18 - Summer IS just around the corner.   The post below was in my draft file, and there is little I will add or I will be boring myself as well as you.   I have been to Yarmouth with Nick a couple of times recently.  I am being  redundant mentioning  that the rock  faces are changing with the season, just as the the depth of color of the evergreens, and the matruation of the rest of our foliage.   In my back yard the roses are in bloom, the foxglove is four feet tall by my patio room window.  I am enjoying sitting out there watching the bees and other honey-seekers go in and out on their rounds.   With this much added to the should-have-been-posted blog below, I am now going to return to shredding.   And shredding.   And shredding.   I hope I will not be looking for something a year from now which is ending up in confetti.


It is cliche to comment that time flies as you get older, so I won't say it.  But it does.   Today, June 10 is absolutely the "rare day in June" .  I spent some time on the patio earlier but had to come in because it is just too hot in the a.m. out there.   Probably close to 80 at 9:30.     Night before last we had a couple of thunder storms which produced - I am not exaggerating - hail in size from peas to moth balls.   I sat in my living room beneath my skylights and wondered if the glass would be able to withstand the pounding.   My dog, Nick, is not concerned with weather.  He pays no attention to thunder and lightning, but hail freaks him out.    We were caught in a sudden storm once with sizeable hail stones.   We had been walking in an open field when I saw a storm cloud being driven by a strong wind.   We didn't quite make it to the car before the cloud was directly over us, but the worst was sitting in the car being pelted with hail, watching it bounce around off the hood, the windshield, and the road around us.    It was beginning to build up on the ground, when as swiftly as it came it blew past.   I got home, not more than a mile away and mentioned it to my neighbor who said, "What hail storm?"   It was of small dimensions but very powerful.

Grandkids are home from college. One graduated, one becoming a Junior in the fall. 
Friends are golfing; going off to camp;  talking of family reunions and other summer activities.    Ronald McDonald House held their Purses with Purpose event last week. A fun time with the opportunity to bid on fabulous hand bags, day-at-a-spa gift certificates, fun jewelry, collections of bath products and other personal items.  One interesting item (I did not bid on it) was a three-item "collection"  from a local bakery.   Iced cake, package of a dozen or so cookies and a generous package of home made fudge.   I did bid on "Lunch for Ten" at RMH catered by the staff and won it.   It should be a lot of fun.   SO, Life in Maine in June is good.    Everyting is green and clean.  The only detractor is the road construction and repair going on everywhere!  Getting from Scarborough to Portland is a challenge of patience.   A motorcycle accident on one of the bridges proved there are no sure choices to avoid a problem.   We are at the mercy of the other driver.