Thursday, October 28, 2010

Indian Summer -

SUMMER, You old Indian Summer -
This must be it. The temp on my patio is closing in on 70 degrees. The sun is shining. I have always believed Indian Summer is the a warm spell after the first hard frost, and it will herald the coming of true Autumn which according to the calendar is October 21.

This morning as I made my weekly trip to Portland for my music class, there was fog so thick you could not see the traffic lights until you were practically under them. As I was approaching the lights at Hannaford Drive, a little black convertible, top down, went flying past me. Did that middle aged driver 50ish driver, coffee in hand, have super vision. I think not as he had to stomp on his brakes at the fog-dimmed red light.
I am not a fan of fog and today's was worthy of a London mystery scene.

Coming home was a bit different. No fog. No sun. Mackerel skies; you know, the sky with all the little disconnected blobs of clouds that resemble the skin of a mackerel fish.
I needed to go grocery shopping and decided it was better to do it on the way home than to have to go out again. I spent quite a lot of time - and considerable cash - at the local Hannaford's Super Store, and when I came out - lo and behold! the sun was shining and the clouds had gone the way of the morning fog.

I understand we are going to have nice weather for the next few days and Hallowe'en will be dry. The kids won't have to wear their costumes over their snow suits as they go out "trick or treating." I don't have many kids at my door usually. I give out juice boxes - maybe that's why they don't come.

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