Friday, October 15, 2010


As many times as they have gotten it wrong, I really really thought the prognosticators were just hyping the weather again. I could visualize them jumping up and down with glee like children waiting at the circus door. BUT - I was wrong; they were right. We are getting driving rain bough bending winds. While the vision of the weather wo/men runs around in my head, the vision of Central Maine Power Company linemen wringing their hands with anxiety is just as vivid. In recent weeks I have seen those "bucket brigades" on the sides of the roads all over southern Maine, trimming the overhanging limbs and making sure lines are in good condition. God Bless Them. Weather is a temporary condition here, as I have mentioned before.

The last morning glory has faded and curled up. But there are still roses struggling to bloom and the snapdragons and salvia are colorful. The beautiful Rose of Sharon tree did not survive its transplant. I didn't take it out because the morning glories used the bare branches for a trellis. I will mulch it this fall and hope that maybe the roots have survived.

I had the bright idea that I could make a mulch bed in an area that the dog enjoys, and the mower had to back into. It is between my privacy hedge of some kind of evergreen and the edge of the patio. It was not my best "bright idea." Nick still enjoys it, but now he brings in scrids of mulch clinging to his underbelly, his feet and his haunches. I try to get it off before he comes into the house, but strangely it clings stubbornly until he gets to the living room carpet where it just drops off readily. Today because the grass is wet he will pretend he is a ballerina and tiptoe daintily off the patio. But he knows what he is out there for and he will make short work of his chores. He will not pester to go in and out very often today. Loves the wind, hates the rain.

Good day to do more sorting of music. Fold laundry. Move dishes I don't use to high shelves. Write letters. Write a racy novel. Call a shut in friend. Carve a pumpkin for Hallowe'en.

What do you get with the divide the circumference of a pumpkin by its diameter?

Pumpkin pi.

OOH! that's awful.

Have a great day. Janice

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