Wednesday, October 6, 2010

God willing and the creek don't rise ....

I wasn't expecting it. Last week were were prepared for a storm of epic proportions, according to the weather men on all the local stations. I wasn't disappointed when it didn't happen, but it took another rung out of the ladder those prognosticators stand on.
They get all excited, go to work in rain gear, warn everyone about driving through puddles, etc. etc. We cancel plans, go to music class wearing puddlesafe shoes, rain coats, carrying "brollies" and protecting our coiffures with plastic hoodies. NOTHING!
That was last week.

I wasn't expecting today's deluge. I may have heard the weather man or woman telling about it, but after last week I didn't pay any attention. I heard we were going to get an overnight shower somewhere between here and there. I did hear something about more precip in the mountains than in the south. Well, I woke up this a.m. to what I think was last week's storm. The rain was washing down Stoney Creek Road in rivulets. The patio was slick. There were the beginnings of puddles. It rained all day; the wind blew and the leaves came down all wet and sticky. They have stuck to the patio furniture; the screens, the driveway.

But as they say, if you don't like the weather, wait a minute. It seems to be clearing tonight and the weather man has told us it will be clear tomorrow. I'll wear my puddle jumper shoes, my rain coat and carry my "brollie" because frankly, I don't trust that guy in the little box in my living room. I think he looks at computer models and maps all day and doesn't go out to look up at the sky or smell the air.

I am just grateful today was rain an not snow. jem

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