Sunday, August 19, 2012

From the Northeast Corner

The Northeast Corner of the US is a beautiful place to be today.  It is not too hot, but nice enough to go to a beach, either at the ocean on on a lake.  The air is clear, the sky is blue and the land is lush.  Lobsters are plentiful, therefore, a little less expensive; the fresh vegetables are ready for picking if you like new corn, cukes, and tomatoes.  Not sure who is growing spinach outside, but I would be glad to have some.  

But across the country - nearly all the way across - there is chaos.  And because news travels fast in todays electronic world, it is coloring the lives of people everywhere, even here in the Northeast Corner.  It is hard not to listen to the news, watch the televised reports.  There is no good explanation of why we are fixated on such a tragedy.  I certainly do not get a thrill out of it.   I can't help anyone; even if I knew them, I couldn't help htem.   I can, like most others, say a silent prayer for the comfort survivors, the relatives of the living and the deceased.  I can even say a prayer for the perpetrator because he must surely be a tortured soul.   It is tragedies like this that make me question my faith in a higher being that would allow such a thing to happen; that a child should die at the whim of a nut case. 

Lest you think the Northeast Corner is totally devoid of them (the nut cases) let me remind you that several years ago a parishoner laced the after Sunday service coffee with arsenic which caused deaths and lasting illnesses.  

Back to the Northeast Corner, the purple butterfly bush is truly gorgeous and yes, the humming bees have returned.  Their memories are good.  Where ever you are when you read this, remember -

"There is a crack in everything.  That's how the light gets in."
Leonard Cohen (1934 - ?)



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