Monday, March 19, 2012

Good bye, Winter

In the wee hours of Tuesday a.m. (tomorrow, Eastern Daylight Time) Winter will pack it in, making way for Spring to officially begin.  We will hardly notice the difference as we are having unusually warm weather as I write this, and Winter was as easy as I remember in my lifetime.    Today I noticed the little white croci are in bloom in the front garden plot.  

I have heard and seen robins for the last couple of weeks and the cardinal which hangs around all winter is staking a claim on the topmost bare branches of the oak tree next door.   He sits up there whistling and warning, and another across the street answers.   Fun to imagine what they may be saying to one another. 
WHen I put Nick out this morning I could hear the hen turkeys chirping across the street between #s 28 & 29.   I have not seen or heard the Tom this spring. Could it be that he doesn't realize his ladies are waiting for him?    I think there are six or eight hens in the resident "rafter."

I would be headed for the beach about three miles away to take  walk with Nick, but my printer is down and I am waiting to hear from the repair man to call me back.   
For some reason, practically in the middle of a job, it will not print what I write.  I love this equipment when it works, but when it is "fritzy" I wonder if there is any way I can manage without it.   A great nuisance when it is down.
AH, 75 degrees on the patio.   I out of here.    Happy Spring!

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