Monday, October 31, 2011


Today is Hallowe'en, the last day of October, and good riddance.
Saturday brought a storm into the northeast which downed branches still loaded with leaves, which broght down wires and shut off electricity in many communities. Communication systems were interrupted and traffic slowed to a crawl, even for the few people who were brave (or stupid) enough to venture forth.

I live in a small condo community where there is only one child, because he goes out of town to school and has two working parents, seldom is in the neighborhood. We don't get many "trick-or-treaters" from the neighboring family homes. Maybe they go to parties, or maybe they don't think we want them. I want them. I love to see them, and having lived in an area where they came by the dozens, I miss them. I buy juice boxes for them because if no one comes, I can always use them myself. The kids seem to like them, and the parents love them.

So, Maine today, cloaked in white still because it hasn't warmed up much today, is like a "tween". No longer fall (except by the calendar) and not yet winter. Not enough snow go sledding, but enough to make it tricky under foot. I will fill the bird feeder and hang it; shut off the hoses and put away the nozzles. Last year I didn't put the nozzles away and had to buy new ones. LIve and learn.

Button up your overcoat, put on your gloves and scarves and get a breath of cold fresh air.


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