Wednesday, March 6, 2013

According to Murphy's Law --------

According to Murphy's Law, if you plan for something it doesn't happen.  
The Ground Crew came in this week and did what that professionally refer to as "snow relocation procedure" or, in common-speak, moving the snow banks back from the streets to make room for more snow.

My neighbor says, according to Murphy's Law, this preparation will assure that we don't get any more of the white stuff this year.   On the other hand, the weatherman man is standing as I write, on a street in Washington DC, only a few hundred miles south of Scarborough, Maine, with snow falling on his hatless head and the wind whistling through his ears.   Yep, right through.
Only a couple of days ago he was saying nothing was coming our way for the foreseeable future.   

So,  the patio is nearly bare, the exposed lawn in the back yard is greening a bit, and the sun is warm at midday, but -------snow tonight and tomorrow?  Maybe.

I have been to the shore a few times lately.   It's interesting to see the changes along the beach.  The washed up sea weed is black as death; there is a ton of litter churned up and delivered from who-knows-where.   There are men with buckets and rakes gathering the hen clams that surface this time of year.   The summer eateries are posting opening signs.  Some of the Scarborough summer eateries are Ken's, Bayley's, and the Clam Bake.   All have been in business for many years and are each knows for their special attractions.  Bayley's also has a retail seafood market where you can be sure the lobster, shrimp, clams, mussels and fish are fresh and clean.   Not to advertise for any of them, but you cannot beat seafood right out of the ocean.

All of the turkeys have survived the winter and it seems at least one Tom is among them. He was observed showing his authority this week, as well as his plumage.   By my calculations there may be as many as 100 poults this spring.
Of course, the foxes and coyote may influence the count by mid-summer.
The deer herd seems to be stable at six, but that could mean a doubling this spring.   Five of the herd are does.   

I am suffering pre-spring blahs, I guess.  I want to tell the politicians to just shut up and go to work; I want to hear more music and less noise; see more sun and fewer clouds.  I want plants to begin to bloom and leaves to come out. 
In desperation, I bought a gardenia plant which needs a lot of water and light. 
I put it in my sun room and placed a bottle of water nearby so I wouldn't forget to tend it.  It still is turning yellow, losing its leaves and the buds don't seem to be progressing.   On the other hand, I have a four foot tropical green plant which is not supposed to blossom, and it recently surprised me by developing a tall spike which, while tightly closed all day, opens with a fuzzy flower at night and has a scent like night blooming stock.  

Enough running on.   Maine is on the verge of spring, daylight saving time, and perhaps an Easter Parade.   Already I feel better.


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