Thursday, December 20, 2012

Maine is green!   We have had only two significant snowfalls in this early winter season, which doesn't officially begin until tomorrow anyway, so they don't really count.

Several weeks ago we had just enough to bring the plows into the Creek, and then last Sunday, there was a 3+ inch covering  which brought them in again.    Monday it rained and most snow washed down the drains.
The only remaining visible evidence was where the plows heaped it up beside the roads and driveways.   The plows are too big for the job, and all they accomplish besides heaps on the lawns, is leaving behind a hard packed skim which can be very slippery if not scraped off by hand.  Monday's rain washed the skim away, so my son needn't have worried that it would be come hazardous.   The ever zealous shovelers threw coarse sand (read small rocks) be the doorways in spite of signs asking them not to.   Insurance issues, they tell us.   Personally, I think walking on small rolling stones is more likely to cause twisted ankles.  Yes, the rocks are that big.

The pond was again frozen over for a couple of day, but the mild temperatures have melted it once more, and although the ducks have left, the seagulls, ever opportunists, have been seen floating around, and I heard the deer are going down to it and getting drinks.   Awfully steep banking, meant to discourage people from getting into the water, would seem to be hazardous for the deer.  I have no idea how deep the pond is.    It would seem to me it would make a lovely skating rink, but there are signs that say no to going there.  One of my neighbors told me when she first moved in her son was delighted and was skating on it, when along came the local lawmen and shoeed him off.    

My dog has gotten very reluctant to venture off the patio for his business.  I have told him repeatedly going on the patio is bad, but if I don't stay out there with him, he takes advantage.  Last night I stood and goaded him into going into the wet grass and he was like a timid ballet dancer mincing his steps and looking over his shoulder at me asking if I was serious.   Hind quarters still on the patio, he squatted like a girl dog and watered into the grass.   Sissy.   Today it is nice and mild.  I put him out and left him while my friends were here for music.   

If you're interested in know about the music group, go to (you might be able to get it that way, I'm never sure if it works or not).

So, tomorrow is he first day of Winter and the days will begin to lengthen which is always welcome.  We are the first to see the sun rise, and the first to see it go down.   There are still only 24 hours in each day, it just matters how they are divided into day and night.   

Merry Christmas to everyone.   Hanakkuh is over; I hope it was pleasant for all of our Jewish friends.   I don't quite understand Kwanza, although I did a little research on it.  It seems it was created recently and is a symbol of freedom.  Happy Kwanza to all, Freedom is precious.

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