Monday, April 23, 2012

The day that the rains came down ......

All of our fears for  field and forest fires have been taken off the page.  We are getting a soaking that will fill the vernal pools,  bring the earth worms to the top of the lawn, and dilute the salt marshes.  It will also dampen the spirits of the school kids who have to wait for buses or walk to school.  

The dog didn't want to leave the patio, which actually had standing water on it.  He hates wet grass, but he  "had to go" and eventually accomplished his duty.    Good dog! 

I imagine my farm family will not appreciate the mud this day will produce.  The horses will be muddy to their knees and their dogs, like mine, will be wet and smelly when they come in.   Cats on the other hand, will just sit in the window and when neccessary,  go with stately pride to their litter box.   On days like this I am grateful for my attached garage and the drive through drug store.  
WHen the rain stops and the sun comes out we will marvel at the rate the grass grows, but mourn a little bit that the forsythia, magnolia, and azalea blooms have been beaten off their branches and lie soggy and faded on the ground.

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