Friday, December 3, 2010


If we could roll back a piece of our lives I would like a re-take on this one. It has been a nice week in Maine, weatherwise, but personally it's been pretty darned sour.

Early in the week I got word that a dear friend from my school days was losing her life, and subsequently, I word that she had died. Thursday I got word that a nice person in my "extended family" had died. And this morning I got word that a music friend had died.
As all three of these people were suffering from terminal illnesses, I don't know just how much time I need to roll back to, but I do know this: the world is not a better place without them. I will miss them, but I am not alone in my sadness. They all touched many lives and will be sorely missed by everyone who knew them.

Can you believe Maine in December? It is nearly 50 degrees in southern Maine today. I consider I live in Southern Maine although there are some forty miles south of me still within the state boundaries. I did hear that Northern Maine (it's a very "high" state) there is some snow and there are temperatures in the very low numbers. On my journey to Standish to the radio station today I noted that the frost on the fields out that way was thick blurring all the golds and browns. Pretty but a little bleak. An interesting sight today as I drove along (Route 25, I think) (It's not that I don't know where I was, I just don't pay attention to route numbers) Anyway, I saw several really cute little red hens picking through the oak leaves at the edge of the road. There was no fence to keep them from straying into the considerable stream of traffic. I said a quick little prayer that if the "hen crossed the road" it wouldn't be in front of me. I have been to some countries in my limited travel where livestock, particularly hens and roosters, roam free. In Hawaii there are roosters all over the place. I never saw a dead one so maybe they get smart if they are free. Well, I travel a lot around Maine and those hens are the most livestock I have seen all fall.

Wednesday as I was getting out of my car here in Scarborough, a very large bird was flying toward the marshes (and the ocean). Every now and then it let out a really loud HONK. I know Canada Geese and their call, I know herons have long legs that stick out in the back as they fly. This was neither. It was a BIG bird and very loud. And all alone. Maine is a very interesting place if you take the time to look around.

My husband and I were walking by "Back Cove" in Portland one lovely fall day some years ago. I saw some marsh heather in bloom and commented I remembered gathering it at Goose Rocks when I was young. John, being considerate of my feelings about those long ago days, went off the trail and gathered me a sizable bunch of the salty smelling lavender flowers. As we walked along enjoying the day, me with my bouquet, there were many people "power walking" and jogging along with determination in every step.
One lady, coming toward us, powered by without a glance, but then came running back.
"Where did you get that heather?" she asked. "I haven't seen any in years."
"Right there by the side of the trail," we replied. "Oh, my," she said looking at the expanse of purple. "I never even noticed it." HELLO-O-O-O! Stop and smell the flowers, people. Look at the birds; check out the rocks.

From Scarborough, Maine
Jan Major, Mainly Mainely

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