Friday, August 20, 2010

Orange Colored Sky

The air today was beautiful. Last Wednesday a.m. I attended the AAA Driver Improvement Program. It three hours long and I highly recommend it. It is for seniors - reminders of law changes such as the bicycle 'share the road' rules; passing laws; seat belt, cell phone and distraction reminders. One of the issues the class leader kept stressing was to stay alert. I think I am an alert driver - but I suppose everyone has lapses now and then. Anyway, today I saw several dead animals (possum, skunk, porcupine} and wondered if being alert would have avoided them. I think not. They are not respecters of road rules and are apt to wait until a car gets almost to them - then dash. Of course, none of those three animals are "dashers." I think all three have poor eyesight. Anyway, there is a place where a hawk almost always can be seen catching the up-drafts and having such a wonderful time doing it. Today I noticed it and wished I were able to watch it longer. It makes soaring look so easy. But, alas, I was on the highway and stopping is not an option except for an emergency. With the construction being done in that area, even an emergency might not make it wise. In many places work is being done to widen the exits and entrances. Construction is definitely a distraction. ~~~ There are some areas on the drive to Yarmouth where blasting through ledges was necessary. I love rocks, so I observe them as I drive along. I don't know one type of rock from another, but these are striated with black, white and browns. When they are wet they look entirely different than right now when they are thoroughly dry. The trip is the same day in and day out, except that it constantly changes in roadside grasses and flowers, the trees take on different hues and even the rocks actually change appearance.

Coming home - yes, there was an orange colored sky. I waited a bit too long to head home so the sun was setting and the western sky became very orangy. Must be going to be hot and dry tomorrow again. There were no clouds and the temperature stayed around 70 until well after dark. A beautiful day in Maine, Orange Colored Sky and all. And the smell of the ocean when it turned was sweet to my sense. There can be no other place better this week.


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